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Cours d'anglais
à Cambridge - Angleterre
Du 19/09/2010 au 25/09/2010

Cours d'anglais
Niveaux = Intermédiaire, Avancé

à Cambridge - Angleterre
Date limite d'inscription
Paiement des arrhes
Paiement du solde

Pension complète chez l'habitant (chambre individuelle avec petit déjeuner et repas de soir). Déjeuner léger à l’école.

Banque : Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank, UK
Compte : BTITF
IBAN : GB 64 ALEI 7200 0595 1426 05

Please note that all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinners), cultural, social activities and farewell dinner are included in the cost. All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance at the final dinner.

Après l'inscription en ligne, les postiers français, afin de bénéficier de la subvention, s'inscrivent et envoient leur paiement auprès de : UNJPFT

57 rue de la Colonie
75013 PARIS

Les chèques envoyés correspondront à : prix 450 €, arrhes 225 €

Pour plus d’information :

The social programme and activities have been adjusted to ensure that those coming back will experience and see different things while in Cambridge. The programme will cover the following and more, weather permitting:

  • Orientation visit to the City of Cambridge
  • Punting on the river Cam
  • Afternoon walk and tea (including cakes) at the Orchard in Grandchester
  • Trip to Elly cathedral
  • Visit to the Cromwell museum
  • Visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Trip to the Botanic Gardens
  • Visit to the American Cemetery
  • A visit to the Eagle pub where the discovery of DNA was first announced, albeit informally.

This year there is the opportunity to extend your stay for professional experience and language practice. There will be a three day familiarisation/work-experience event, visiting the British Telecom research centre and offices. Please advise when you apply for the language course if you wish to take advantage of this. The work experience will be free, but you will need to extend your stay in Cambridge (we will arrange that for you), and there will be some travelling costs involved. Additional details will be sent to those enquiring.

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