partnerhaendeIn addition to an extensive internal club life, the member sections of Eurojumelages in a particular member country have partnerships with sections in other member countries..

Larger sections have partnerships with several sections in different countries, while smaller sections may have less partnerships. As a rule, the partners strive to meet once a year.

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There are different variants in terms of type, location and size of an event.

  • The partners take turns meeting with one of their counterparts in their own city or in the counterpart's city. There variants may typically include:
  • Partners housed in a host family
  • Partners accommodated in the hotel
  • Accommodation partly in an hotel and in host families
  • The partners may also choose to meet with one or more counterparts in a third party location. In such instant accommodation would be in a hotel.

The partners are completely free to organize their meetings. As a rule, visits are organised to cultural institutions, companies or scenic locations;  restaurant visits and a farewell party with dance also feature regularly in the program. It is also possible to go walking or cycling together or to have a picnic together when the weather permits. The possibilities are endless -the most important thing  is that one can talk to foreign partners, exchange experiences and develop friendly relationships that transcend borders and languages.