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Christmas Greetings 2020

2019 draws to a close, and Christmas is just around the corner.
A review of the year shows that it was another year of wars, assassinations and many political conflicts.
Especially in difficult times it is all the more important to support the basic idea of the Eurojumelages, which is mutual respect and friendship between people, regardless of race, religion or ideology, and thus to contribute to peaceful international understanding.
We as Eurojumelages, with our 6o-year history, are a living example of a successful international understanding.
However, more than ever we must try to inspire as many people as possible with our idea.

Moreover, we must direct the attention more strongly to our organization, e.g. by an increased presence at public events.
To attract new jumeleurs we can also use our wide range of activities, such as culture, languages, sports and partnership meetings.
The new year therefore holds new challenges in store. This is a good thing because we live on change and constant improvement.

For me personally, with the election as President of Eurojumelages a new chapter opened in 2019. This responsible task fills me with great pleasure. I look forward to tackling the difficult challenges together with you.
With your support this will succeed!

I wish you and the people who are important to you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay healthy and gather strength for our activities in 2020!

Your Peter Backes
Präsident of the Eurojumelages
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