CDCR dos CTT Portugal - National Games of CTT, Portimao, October 2021

I was kindly invited to attend the 31st National Games of the Portuguese Posts, organised by our fellow Eurojumelages member, CDCR dos CTT in Portimao, Portugal between 2nd nd 5th October. These games are held every two years and there are competitions in various disciplines, including, Footsal, Handball, Bowling, Running, Fishing, Tennis, Table-Tennis, Dats, Billiards, Chess, Draughts. Ther was also a nightly entertainment programme of folk dancing and singing where the participants are also employees and pensioners of Portugal Post, and their families.Portimao

It was a very well organised event and there were circa 800 persons participating. CDCR dos CTT had the support of Portugal Post and also of the Municipality of Portimao who made available several sport pavilions and other facilities where the Games were held. All participants were accommodated in an excellent hotel (Pestana Alvor) and this enabled us to meet several participants in a relaxed manner as well as watching them compete and perform.

It was also encouraging to see that the Chairman and other members of the Board of CTT were present at the opening and closing of the games, as well as the Mayor of Portimao. At the closing and presentation ceremony I had the honour of making a short address where among other things I spoke about the ideals of Eurojumelages and also about the need to seek collaboration between the people of Europe.

My host, Mr. Rui Cabaco (President of CDCR dos CTT) explained that his club had over 12,000 members who were all employees of CTT. They paid a small monthly membership fee but the club was granted a subsidy in the form of an annual budget by the Board of Directors of CTT. They were able to organise an annual calendar of events. Mr. Cabaco expressed his intention to invite members of Eurojumelages who would like to participate in events organised by CTT. Moreover, during 2022 he would also be organising a wine-tasting event in the Douro Valley and Porto specifically for Eurojumelages members. He informed me that such an event had already been organised some years ago and several EJ members from Spain had participated and had been very enthusiastic about it.

Following the end of the National Games, I also met the President and General Secretary of Portugal Clube Telecom which organises sport and leisure activities for Telecom employees. This club also has a very strong membership base and a full calendar of events. It is their intention to seek membership within Eurojumelages in the near future.

All in ll I am happy to inform you that CDCR dos CTT will be a strong and active member of Eurojumelages and members are invited to get to know this organisation for mutual benefit and strong friendships.

Yours Peter Backes

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