Remembrance of 9th November 1959, the birth of our Jumelage movement, and thoughts beyond

november9 en 1709th November 1959 is a memorable date for Jumeleurs. On this day, a French post office official reached out to his German colleagues for reconciliation and to get to know each other better. 41 years after the end of the First World War and 14 years after the end of the Second World War, prejudices, misunderstandings and even hatred still clouded relations between French and Germans.

chappe winkelcThe story of Eurojumelages began in 1959, when Europe was witnessing an era of new optimism and peace: Alexandre Chappé from the Post Office in Troyes / France extended the hand of friendship to the Central Postal Service in Darmstadt / Germany (Hans Winkel). From this simple, yet bold gesture, a partnership between postal workers in Darmstadt and Troyes developed and served as a model for further partnerships between members of German and French postal administrations. France and Germany are neighbours in the heart of Europe and are linked by a centuries-long, eventful and sometimes turbulent history.  

logoeuEurojumelages is a non-profit, non-political international partnership that supports all events that promote the coming together of European citizens, particularly through culture and tourism.

People are naturally interested  to learn and become acquainted with the lifestyle, customs and culture of  other countries. These interests normally develop into an attraction to come together and to communicate in other languages.

partnerhaendeIn addition to an extensive internal club life, the member sections of Eurojumelages in a particular member country have partnerships with sections in other member countries.

Larger sections have partnerships with several sections in different countries, while smaller sections may have less partnerships. As a rule, the partners strive to meet once a year.

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multi eventsEurojumelages offers a wide variety of events in the areas of language courses, sports and culture. Every member of a section in the Eurojumelages network can participate in these events. Events are organized by one section or by several sections working together., if it is a large event.