Dramatic period especially in the south of Switzerland which recorded the highest (%) death figure in all of Switzerland.

Two twins died and several were hit by Corona.

It's all closed. Shops, restaurants and bars, swimming pools and fitness clubs are closed. Social life is practically zero.

In several families of members of our association there have been infected relatives and also some deaths.

The situation in Switzerland is still quite dangerous. Between 1500 and 2000 new infections are registered every day. Fortunately, the death toll is very low.

We had a few demonstrations especially in the cities of Saint Gall and Zurich with the intervention of the police. Small demonstrations took place in several cities.

Vaccinations are causing some difficulties due to the lack of vaccines due to delayed deliveries by producers. In Switzerland we have only two types of vaccine: Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech. The organization of vaccinations is perfect.

The greatest suffering in this period was the lack of social contacts and not being able to organize internal events in our sections.

The first event that the committee will organize will be a beautiful walking tour in our beautiful area with all the members of the section.

Later we can consider an excursion to Italy.

The sections have cancelled all events.

Even the regular annual meeting took place in written form.

The life of the sections has also been reduced to zero.

For 2021 the Swiss sections have given up collecting the annual fee.

Message to all jumelages members :

Stay healthy! In a few months we will be able to resume our social life as before this Covid.

Silvano Degiovannini
Section Ticino et Moesano

Sezione Ticino e Moesano
casella postale
CH-6501 Bellinzona