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Country Zip Town Association
Morocco Marrakech Marrakech
Poland Bielsko Biala Bielsko Biala
Poland Gorzow Wielkopolski Gorzow Wielkopolski T
Poland Gorzow Wielkopolski Gorzow Wielkopolski P
Poland Kielce Kielce
Poland Koszalin Koszalin
Poland Lublin Lublin
Portugal Braga Braga
Portugal Coimbra Coimbra
Portugal Lisbon Lisbon
Romania Bucharest Bucharest
Romania Iassy Iași
Russia Saint Petersbourg Saint Petersbourg
Spain Girona Girona
Spain Madrid AHET Madrid
Spain Madrid Villa Madrid
Spain Valencia AHET Valencia
Switzerland Bellinzona Ticino and Moesano
Switzerland Heiden Deutschschweiz
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